A tradition of quality since 2012

Quek Focal International Construction Limited, founded in 2012, is aiming to be
the number-one construction company in Nigerian and by extension, Africa.


Knowledge, expertise, good people and collaboration. We make the impossible possible

With vast experience and an excellent track record, we have positioned ourselves as the ideal solution for all residential and commercial development projects.

Quek Focal  is a  multi-disciplinary Engineering, Design, management  and Construction company. Quek Focal is a fusion of Infinite Focus Ireland Ltd and other top Nigerian gurus in the Construction Industry


Quek Focal  is a  multi-disciplinary Engineering, Design, management  and Construction company. Quek Focal is a fusion of Infinite Focus Ireland Ltd and other top Nigerian gurus in the Construction Industry

We offer professional services in Road construction, Buildings Infrastructure, Environment, Pilling, Energy, River Improvement, Airport/Seaport, Cofferdam, Rehabilitation and major earthworks for Dams and underground civil works. We are also known for our unique strategy of close and exceptionally productive Collaborative Alliances, Partnerships and Joint Venture arrangements with leading and avant-garde companies as we operate a quality management system which has been assessed and conforms to ISO9001:2008.

Infinite Focus Ireland Limited is at the forefront of Road Construction works, Real Estate Development and Infrastructures with a network of offices in Ireland. The head office is the foreign office of Queck Focal Intercontinental Construction limited.

Quek & Quek civil Engineering Pte Ltd Singapore specialize in Pilling and Bridge Works.River Improvement,Coffer Dams,Sewage Systems and Underground Civil Works with many awards of excellent execution of projects.

Lasco Engineering Limited has earned a fulsome reputation for devising advanced and economical solutions under unique circumstances. The firm brings together professionals and specialists from diverse disciplines with complementary skills and depth of expertise, which allow the group to take on complex and strategic projects.

Quek Focal offers full-spectrum design, management, construction and support to industrial, commercial and government clients across multiple markets. Services include specialty consulting as well as all aspects of engineering, construction, operations and maintenance.

Our primary markets include:

• Buildings and Infrastructure
• Roads and Highways
• Energy
• Industrial
• Environmental

We are a relationship-based company

This first core value is also our fundamental business strategy: We focus on forging strong, long-term relationships with our clients, as we consider sound client relationships the most important contributor to our success. We cement these relationships by providing superior customer value and by continuously improving our performance.

People are our greatest asset

Employee talent is the cornerstone of our success: Their expertise and capabilities win us the work, perform the work, create value for our clients, and generate loyalty in our investors. So we create an environment where our employees meet fresh, exciting challenges and experience the satisfaction of a job well done. Ours is also an environment that is flexible to change and open to innovation.


Our clients’ needs drive our business, so we grow in pace with their growth. Indeed, the neck-andneck global marketplace demands growth. And profitable growth is what all our stakeholder groups client, employee, and shareholder–desire most from us. Our goal is to grow our business by 15 percent, every year.


At Quek Focal, our mission is to provide construction and asset management solutions in an environment where people feel safe, secure and valued.

We are committed to becoming the contractor of choice, pursuing excellence through dedication, experience and disciplined employees with an ongoing passion to deliver quality, timely and profitable projects.

  • Work Ethic
  • Accountability
  • Dedication
  • Safety
  • Commitment
  • Optimism
  • Quality
  • Trust
  • Integrity
  • Measured Performance
  • Excellence

We are a global player in construction and services. Thanks to our know-how and our expertise, we are a leader in sustainable construction. Operating in more than 20 states in Nigeria and 3 countries with over 800 employees. We have a long-term commitment to our customers thanks to our primary source of added value, shared innovation.

Keep it up Quek Focals, You guys are doing wonderfully well.
Imo State Government
Imo State Government
I really appreciate Quek Focal for their professionalism.
Josh Devon
Josh Devon
When we are talking about sound civil engineering, Quek Focal remains the best!!!


Quek Focal operates in Nigeria with foreign Technical partners and now expanding into other regions. Each Business Unit is headed by a company director who has a hands-on involvement in that particular region’s projects.


The company is managed by its Executive Board of Directors who ensures that the company maintains a strategic focus. The company employs a large team of experienced and specialist design and construction management staff.


Joe Byrne

Chairman of the Board – Former National head of Fire and Rescue services Ireland. A graduate of Civil Engineering 1968. He is responsible for the overall corporate governance of the company.

Wale Kadeba


Chartered Engineer with BSc Civil Eng OAU, Ile-Ife, MSc in International Construction Management and Engineering, University of Leeds, UK, 2000, Post-graduate Research in Trinity College Dublin(2006), a chartered member of Nigeria Society of Engineers and Engineers Ireland. He is responsible for the design, construction and management of large Roads, Marine and Building infrastructure projects.

Jim Osborne


Founder and owner of Gorey Business Park. 260,000 sq.ft dev. He is responsible for all Mix-use and commercial Infrastructure Development Project

Key Personnel, Quek Focal, Nigeria

Funmi Adefeko

Funmi Adefeko

Managing Director

Funmi has been at the forefront of Quek Focal's marketing. She is one of the major catalyst behind the success of the company since inception.

Engr. Gboyega Akinsanya

Engr. Gboyega Akinsanya

Project Manager / CRE

Engr. Gboyega's growing experience combined with leadership style, management expertise and marketing savvy have been judiciously used in propelling Quek Focal to this enviable height.

Engr. Abulkabir Dele

Engr. Abulkabir Dele

Director of Designs & Consultancy

Engr. Dele is responsible for outsourcing, collaborations and project management. His roles leverages his extensive experience in Design and Consultancy.

Etop Ikpo

Etop Ikpo

Project Admin/Logistics Manager

A very helping-hand, Etop merged Project Administration with Logistics, and he has been doing that effectively. He is very active and up-to-date in carrying out his responsibilities.

Engr. Wale Kadeba

Engr. Wale Kadeba

Director of Civil Works

Engr. Wale has a strong track record of executing civil works. His humility and straight-forwardness has been explored to the benefit of our company.

Surv. Kola Ajibike

Surv. Kola Ajibike

Engineering Surveyor

Surveyor per excellence, Kola has over 20 years hands-on experience in the areas of Surveying and management. He oversaw various corporate responsibilities ranging surveying and supervising.


We have executed lots of contracts for government, ministries, parastatals, corporate and individuals. You can confirm our corporate certificates.