All Managers are responsible for Health, Safety, Environment and security within their working area. They are assumed to have met their obligations if they are able to prove that:

  • The necessary orders are given
  • Safe equipment is provided
  • The necessary actions are taken
  • Reasonable supervision is kept

The company is very much aware of increasingly host communities concern on the operations and business activities that had been carried out in their areas. It is our policy where necessary to soothe their concern in the interest of peace and allow our activity unhindered.

HSE - A Line Management Responsibility

QUEK FOCAL considers HSE as part and parcel of the line responsibilities of managers, engineers and supervisors for which they are accountable. In the case of sites, the site engineer is directly responsible for the enforcement of HSE policies on that particular site. He equally ensures availability of necessary advises that touches on community Affairs, health, safety, environment and security.

HSE Training

The object of all safety training is to:
– Improve attitudes in the form of safety awareness
– Pass on knowledge of the basic fundamentals of accident prevention
– Increase and perfect skills necessary to implement safety basic fundamentals.

  • Records, documents, past training and accident statistics
  • Direct interviews and observations of employees.
  • Industrial Training Boards
  • Employers association
  • Clients training centre / schools
  • Factory Inspectorate/fire authority
  • Red cross organization
  • Consultants

Employees shall be required to conform with safety directives emanating from management and supervision.


In order to achieve excellent identification, reports are made and kept for reference purposes and for incidental analysis with reports, dangerous occurrences, near misses, injury etc. are noted and these when analyzed properly can be used to evaluate accidents. The reports presently in use include:
1 Accident report
2 Inspection report
3 Inventory report
4 Medical report

Policy Implementation

To fulfill the responsibilities previously outlined, it is the company policy to:

  • Provide resources to maintain safe working conditions at places of work and improve HSE.
  • Ensure that HSE. Factors are taken into account in the design
  • Construction operation and maintenance of plant machinery and Equipment.
  • Inform employees about materials, equipment or processes uses in their work which are known to be potentially hazardous to health and environment.
  • Ensure instruction is given to all employees in all aspects of their work
  • Provide approved protective equipment.
  • Keep all operations and methods of work review so that they can be revised if need be in the light of practical experience and change to statutory obligation.
Protection of Health

The protection of health at work usually involves the following:

  • Provision of portable water on regular basis
  • Clean work environment
  • Workers canteen and utensils
  • Food handlers (cook/steward) to be medically certified fit prior to Development.

At Quekfocal, we consider the following environmental factors in the protection of
our work place environment and ensure that measures are taken to ensure safety:

  • Hazardous Area
  • Non Hazardous Area
  • Restricted Area

Security involves security of personnel and property at all time. Our workers do ensure that at work site, work is done within the confines of acquired area of the company or client as trespass could invite the wrath of the community resulting in claims, seizure/damage to equipment and even work stoppage.

Community Crisis

Quek Focal has had an excellent record of good relationships with our host communities in all our projects. Where unfavourable atmosphere is noticed from the community, “LIFE” is be considered first. We therefore make efforts to ensure that in event of any hostilities, no life is threatedned, thereafter, we work towards protection of properties and equipment.